"Another Year, Another Project" 


..still trying to figure this one out

"Anthology of Muddled Nightmares"


Anthology of Muddled Nightmares is a collaboration between two different creative artists using two different mediums. 

"Things of 2015"

After the lifestyle change of the "365 days of 2014" project, it was really hard to not want to create something everyday. With wanting to find balance and gain a healthy sleep schedule again, I decided to focus on creating every week without the pressure of something every day. I truly love making new bodies of work so I didn't want to starve myself of this. Tho I needed to find that balance. Which I believe I did in this project. Focusing more on lighting and story telling.

"365 Days of 2014"

Exactly what the title reads, one image every day for a entire year. After many times of thinking about doing this, I finally jumped into it and made it work. While holding down a career as a commercial photo assistant, tho freelance, I was working a awful lot. So finding the drive and passion within myself to keep creating while putting in 50 hours a week a great challenge for myself. But a rewarding one no doubt.